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I found an interesting site recently. The site is devoted to stories of stupid customers. If you work for a business that deals with the public, you know that people can do some pretty dumb things. Here are a few examples:

My husband is the service manager at an auto dealership. They did some work on a dealership (office) employee’s car. At the end of the day, she came back into the service department and said “Guys, this isn’t my car.” They double checked the numbers on the service tags. They matched. He told her it was her car. She said “No, it looks just like my car, but it’s not my car.” He walked out and asked “Rita, is this was your sweater and book on the backseat?” She said “Yes, someone must have put them in this car, but this is not my car.” He asked “How do you know this is not your car?” She said “Because the seat is in the wrong place.” He drove the car around the back of the building, moved the seat forward, and brought it back to her. He asked “Is this one your car?” She got in, said “Yes, this is it. Thank you.”


Back when broadband was basically unheard-of, I was designing a site for a client who wanted a spinning globe on the home page. I came up with a nice small animation. “Bigger,” said the client. I explained this would slow down the page but they persisted. I came back with a bigger globe. “Bigger,” said the client. I explained we didn’t want to drive away clients with our slow-loading page. Still the client persisted. I came back with the biggest spinning globe. Showed the page to the company president. First thing he says is, “Get rid of the globe.”


I work for a regional finance company, billions of Dollars in employees, equipment, technology.. etc. Our exchange server dies about 5 times a week for god knows what reason. Every single time it dies we are sent an email notifying us that the Exchange server is down….we obviously don’t get this email until the server is back up, at which point we get an email that says “The email issues have been resolved” almost simultaneously. Whats better is people who comment “Wow look how fast they fix the server, its never down for more than a few seconds…”

You can see more of these stories here:

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