How to find people on the web

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Sometimes when I hear people talking about the internet, one of the topics that comes up is how “scary” the web is. After all, you know “all your information is out there for everyone to see”. While that is not completely true, it is possible to find information about people (or a specific person) on the internet if you know where to look. Here are a few places to start:

Zabasearch ( is designed to display information about a person when you enter that person’s name. Of course, this is information that is already available publicly on the web anyway – Zabasearch just compiles it into one search result. Still, some people don’t like it.

Google ( – ever heard of this one? Try typing in your name and the city in which you live. You might be surprised what comes up. Actually a lot of what comes up will be messages like “full details available” or something similar – these are just companies that would like for you to pay them money for the more hard-to-get information.

Anywho ( is an extensive “phone book” database. Most published phone numbers will be there – it’s kind of like looking through the white pages of the phone book in a particular city.

Virtual Gumshoe ( is a great compilation of sites that contain almost every type of public record imaginable. You can gain access to marriage and divorce records, missing persons, license databases, county jails, and lots of other valuable resources to find someone.

Death Indexes ( is a large national database of – you guessed it – people that have died. Click on a state and go from there. I clicked on Florida, then Pinellas County, and found that I could do a search in the obituaries of the St. Pete Times newspaper for the years 2002 to present.

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