Lost internet connection? Get it back in 5 minutes

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Lose your internet connection? Before calling your internet provider for tech support, try this (in this order):


1. Power down your computer
2. Power down your router (pull the power cord from the back)
3. Power down your cable/DSL modem (pull the power cord)
4. Wait one minute
5. Power up the modem
6. Wait one minute
7. Power up the router
8. Wait one minute
9. Power up the computer

In some cases, your modem and router may be in one physical unit. If you do have a separate router and modem, be sure to keep track of which power cord goes in each one – they are easy to confuse sometimes.

When you call tech support, the above procedure is what they are going to tell you to try first anyway, so you might as well do it yourself. In many cases, it will bring back your internet connection without having to call India.

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