Turn your photo into a sketch

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You probably have hundreds, or maybe thousands, of pictures on your computer (side note – are they backed up?). Most are probably snapshots of family gatherings, your kids, a vacation, etc.

If you have a special photo of something or someone, and want to add some artistic flair to it, you could make a copy of it as a pencil sketch. The sketch artist is your computer.

All you have to do is go to the website Sketch My Photo (www.SketchMyPhoto.com). Upload the photo from your computer, and you will get back a pencil sketch of that photo. Here is an example of one that I uploaded:

What you see above was free. The free version only produces thumbnail-size sketches, and it has the website “signature” across the bottom. You can pay for larger versions without the website name.

This kind of thing makes for a great personalized gift – put the sketched image on a coffee mug, t-shirt, or calendar and it shows you really put some time and thought into it.

This week’s video shows a young boy, after a trip to the dentist. The drugs have not yet left his system.

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