Get rid of Facebook’s nonsense "quizzes"

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I have written about Facebook before. It’s a great place to connect with friends, and you will also meet up with people you knew years ago. I find it interesting to see how much people have changed over the years.

Facebook recently changed its layout to a really annoying format. The newsfeed now displays all of the stupid “quiz results” from the online quizzes that your friends take. I don’t really care that people do this, but the problem is that now my Facebook front page is loaded with all of that garbage that I don’t care about. Something like this (click image to see full size):

Facebook’s solution? You are able to “hide” that friend. But that means you won’t get status updates from that person either. I still want to see status updates, so that is not a good option.

Thank goodness for Firefox, and the fact that it is customizable. Whenever there is a problem such as what I described, there is someone that knows how to solve it. If you never want to see a quiz result on your Facebook front page again, here is how you do it:

1. You have to use Firefox as your web browser (for many people, myself included, it is the preferred browser anyway).

2. First, install Greasemonkey (free download here). Greasemonkey is a free add-on for Firefox that allows you to install custom scripts that tell a web page to display the way you want it to.

3. Install Facebook Purity (free download here). All you have to do is click the Install button at the top right, and follow the simple instructions. Here is what the script says it will do: This greasemonkey script removes all messages posted by applications to your homepage. It gets rid of messages about quizes etc, basically all messages from any applications created by external developers. Just leaving messages from the original facebook apps such as status updates, wall posts, links, notes, photos, etc behind.

I tried it, and I was delighted to see a quiz-free Facebook page. Now if Facebook could just figure that out.

This week’s video is about a guy who is amazingly accurate with a slingshot:

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March 23rd, 2009

Cool Beans! Reporting from Paris.


March 24th, 2009

Thanks for this…I know several people are considering leaving facebook for good due to the massive amount of garbage flowing by the minute. I this method is the best thing at this time for “S.O.S.” resolution. -Steve in Maine-

Janet Wilson
March 26th, 2009

This is an EXCELLENT option! Thank you SO much for posting this and making people aware of it!