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Are you addicted to a particular website?

Do you find yourself spending too much time at Facebook? Ebay? Digg?

You can force yourself to fix that problem. Go to and enter the website address. Then enter a certain time interval, such as 60 minutes.

Bookmark the KeepMeOut alias, and only use that to navigate to the website in question. It will not allow you to go to the site until the set amount of time has passed since your last visit.

Granted, this can be easily worked around. But it works for some people.

Unrelated note – lots of social networking sites make use of avatars. You can use a photo of yourself, or you can have a custom avatar made. More on this next Monday.

This week’s video: You’re a nice person. If you’re at the beach, and a little kid asks you to retrieve his beach ball that has floated out a little too far, of course you would get it for him. But be careful, because there might be something out there that you aren’t expecting…

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Adam J
March 30th, 2009

i like the video. I would be scared too.