Most extreme ergonomic keyboard

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We’ve all seen some funny-looking keyboards. You know the ones that divide the keys into two halves, then put them at an angle. The idea is to put less strain on your hands and wrists as you type all day. Personally, I could never get used to using that kind of keyboard.

But today we have a keyboard that blows that one away, in terms of ergonomics. It’s the Vertical Keyboard (click image to see it full size):

I never thought I would see a keyboard equipped with its own rear-view mirrors. Those are necessary because you cannot actually see the keys while you are typing. Each half of the letter keys are mounted on a vertical piece so that your hands are in a more natural position when typing.

Yes, I can see that your hands are more comfortable this way. But can you imagine how long it would take to get used to this? How long would it take to get back to your regular typing speed? And wouldn’t the mirrors showing all the letters in reverse sort of mess you up?

I guess if you are looking for an attention-getter at the office, this is one way to do it. Could you see yourself using this? Perhaps more importantly, could you see yourself paying $295 for a keyboard? Click the Comments link below to share your thoughts.

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March 25th, 2009

I’d never buy one, but it’d be fun to try one out and see just how weird/difficult/cool(?) it is!