Twitter is growing like crazy

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I wrote about Twitter ( several months ago. Twitter is probably the fastest-growing application on the internet today. It is estimated that around 8 million people use Twitter currently.

So what is Twitter exactly? Probably the best one-word definition is microblog. You can post an update to your Twitter account by writing anything you want to write, but you are only allowed 140 characters. So you are limited to about a sentence or two.

If you want to see what someone else has written, you can “follow” them. For example, my Twitter page is here: Just click the “Follow” button to follow me.

There are a couple of ways to read my Twitter updates (called “tweets”):
1. You can go to and log in to your account. On that page you will see the most recent posts for me and everyone else you are following. I tweet at least Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and most other days also.
2. You can designate certain tweets to be sent to your cell phone as a text message

Is there any practical use for this? Definitely. Here are a few:

– I am a news junkie. I follow BreakingNewsOn because any news is on there before virtually any other news outlet in the world knows about it. So if anything important happens, I am notified almost immediately on my phone. Remember when the crane fell in New York City about a year ago? Twitter subcribers were notified of that event 4 minutes after it actually happened.

– When California was having wildfires breaking out all over the place, Twitter users were able to provide updates, news about evacuations, and meeting point locations to anyone involved or interested.

– During the last presidential campaign, both parties twittered about events happening on their schedule.

– If you are considering starting a blog but are not quite ready to take that step yet, Twitter could serve as a starting point for you. If you find that you have more to say, you can always get a “regular” blog later on.

I have a goal: I want to be the #1 Twitterer in my city of Safety Harbor. This ranking is based on the number of followers. So far I have not really promoted my Twitter feed very much and right now I have 19 followers. To be at the #1 position, I need about 60 followers. If you would like to help me reach that goal, please go to and click the Follow button (your account is totally free).

This week’s video is about a special type of bicycle. I’ll bet you’ve never seen a pair of bike riders do this before:

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