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Do you know what an avatar is?

An avatar is the little image of someone that is used to represent that person on social networking sites such as Twitter or Facebook or a million others. For example, my avatar on those sites is the same one I use on my blog (the one up in the right corner with the blue background).

Recently I came across an artist called Mrs. Toon ( that creates hand-drawn avatars from photographs. It’s a great way to make your profile picture different from the thousands of lookalike pictures on the web.

Some examples of Mrs. Toon’s work:

Mrs. Toon recently created a new avatar picture for me – see below. I didn’t ask her to make me look about 10 years younger; it just turned out that way 🙂

A hand-drawn avatar sets you apart from everyone else, and that is one of the core concepts of successful marketing. And it’s fun! Check out and tell her you heard about her service on this blog.

This week’s video is a simple “leaky-cup” prank you can play on your friends:

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