How to talk to a human

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Anyone that has tried to contact a large company knows that there is one problem with that – they usually don’t want to talk to you. Evidence of that is the maze of phone menu options that they force you to navigate before actually talking to a representative.

And what’s with the recording that says, “Please listen closely, as our menu options have changed”? Everyone knows the stupid menu options have NOT changed! Why would a company constantly change its phone menu anyway?

There is a way around this frustrating experience. With many companies, if you just continue to press zero at every option, the computer will recognize that you don’t want to deal with the menu nonsense, you just want to talk to someone. You can also try saying “AGENT” repeatedly to achieve the same result.

For the procedures required for specific companies to get to an actual person, check out the GetHuman Database ( This is a list of virtually all major companies, and what it takes to get to a human quickly.

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April 8th, 2009

I have found that for most companies, if you push zero a whole bunch of times, you will get to a real person even if the first zero gave you a recording of “we’re sorry but that number is not a valid option.” It also feels gratifying, when frustrated on the phone, to mash the zero over and over! 🙂