Unusual Google Street View pictures

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If you haven’t used Google Street View yet, prepare to spend some time on this one. This is not Google Earth. Most people have already seen the satellite pictures and said, “Hey, there’s my house!”

Google Street View takes it to the next step. Imagine you are riding down your street, looking out the car window. That is the scene that you will see on your computer screen. Like Google Earth when it was first introduced, Street View will take some time before it gets to the more rural areas. But in any somewhat well-populated area, the Street View mapping has been done.

To see what I am talking about, go to maps.Google.com and put in your address (or just type Times Square, New York, NY). When you see the map show up, click the link that says Street View. You are now looking at Times Square as if you were right there on the sidewalk. You can drag the image itself to get a different angle, or you can click the arrows to travel the street.

Google Street View has brought about an unusual hobby – capturing odd street view pictures. As the Google car travels down the street, who knows what it will see. Here are a few that some people have found:

1. A large plastic female torso:

2. Some people playing a joke on a friend by placing Post-it notes all over his/her car:

3. Someone who should have shut the door before attending to business:

4. A road that crosses the Victoria River in Australia

5. This building happened to be on fire when the Google Car drove by:

6. Perhaps a burglary in progress?

7. Not sure about the explanation for this one. No one wants to ask him either.

This week’s video is a funeral. But it will make you smile. I love this little girl.

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