A trick with searching Google

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We all use Google regularly. I use it many times throughout the day. When we use something that often, we tend to just do the same thing(s) routinely so we might miss some of the other features that are available.

Google has a link right above the search results called “Show Options” that you might want to use to make your searching a little more effective and efficient.

Let’s try it out. I will do a search on horse riding. The standard results come up – a Wikipedia entry, horse rentals, riding instructions, etc.

However, look just below the Google logo and you’ll see a link that says “Show options…” When you click that link, a new column will appear just to the left of the search results. The links that you see there – the options – will allow you to customize your search results.

The links are really pretty self-explanatory. Click “Videos” and you will only see a list of videos that have to do with horse riding. Forums will only show forum entries, and Reviews will mostly show articles.

The “Timeline” options allow you to narrow down your results based on how recent the web page entry is. So if you did a search on “Terminator”, choose “Reviews” and chose “Past 24 hours”, you would see a list of movie reviews for the new Terminator film.

The next section allows you to choose what you want to display in each entry in the results. For example, we’ll take the Wikipedia entry. The standard results make it look like what we are used to seeing:

Here’s the same entry if we choose the option “Images from the page”:

And if we select the option “More text”, each entry displays additional text from the web pages listed:

I’ll let you do your own experimentation with the Wonder Wheel and the Timeline to see what they do. Now you know a way to customize your Google search results, and make Google work a little better for you.

This week’s video is a dog that plays dead. He’s really good at it.

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