Google Gadgets

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If you have not heard of Google Gadgets before, this might be of interest to you. To take advantage of it, all you need is a Google account (a Gmail account is the same as a Google account).

First, go here: and log in to your Google/Gmail account

You will see all kinds of little boxes of information there. These are called Google Gadgets, and they are completely customizable. You can drag them around to show up anywhere you want, and you can change the settings on most of them. And what you are looking at on that default page is just a small percentage of what is available. There are hundreds of these things – some useful, some superficial, some just plain silly.

You can see all of the Gadgets available from Google, here.

Would you like to see new Gadgets as they become available? Check out the Gadgets Directory. At the top of that page is the RSS feed to which you can subscribe, or on the right hand side you can sign up for email notifications (I just follow them on Twitter: @gadgetdirectory). There’s all kinds of fun stuff there, and I’ll bet you find some interesting gadgets to put on your iGoogle page!

This week’s video is a guy who probably should not consider “lumberjack” as a career option. His wife, running the camera, is surprisingly calm.

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