How does search engine optimization work?

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How does search engine optimization work? That is a question often asked by many people. Everyone wants their website (whether it is a personal site, or a business site) to show up on page one of Google. But how does that happen? More importantly, how can you make it happen? It may seem impossible, but it happens every day. I see it first hand.

Before we can answer the question “how does search engine optimization work”, we need to define what it really is.

Search engine optimization, simply put, is just removing the technical inaccuracies of a website that keep Google from reading it properly. You see, Google sends out what are called “spiders” to go from website to website, reading the code and the content in each web page. If the spider comes up against something in the code that it cannot read, it stops reading that page and goes on to another one. If you are asking, “how does search engine optimization work” because you want your business to be found on Google, you definitely want Google’s spiders to be able to read your website easily. Your goal for your site is to make Google’s job as easy as possible to read your code.

The problem is, most sites are not easily read by Google. Oh, they look beautiful when you look at them – they are well designed, have beautiful pictures to make them interesting, beautiful colors, etc. However, we are not talking about what you see when you view the site as a human. We’re talking about the code that makes the site look the way it does. For most sites, the code is written in such a way that it actually puts up roadblocks that block Google from reading it.

“But wait a minute”, you say. “I paid a professional web designer a lot of money to create my site! Shouldn’t he know this stuff?” That answer is simple – no. Ask your web designer “how does search engine optimization work” and he will either say he doesn’t know, or he will give you an answer that is mostly incorrect. Designing a website to make it look beautiful is an entirely different thing than getting it found on Google. You can have the most beautiful website in the world, but if no one sees it because it never comes up in Google, it doesn’t bring you any new business. It’s like putting up a great-looking billboard in the middle of a desert.

Think about it like this – if your web designer knew the answer to “How does search engine optimization work”, your site would be showing up on Google already. It’s a very specialized science.

Take my site, for example. As you probably know, I am called The Computer Tutor because I provide personal computer instruction to individuals or small business owners that want to learn how to use a particular program, or how to do something with their computer. I do this locally in person, or nationwide via remote access.

If you go to Google and do a search for the phrase “personal computer instruction”, you will see about 25 million results come up. In other words, there are 25 million websites that are somehow related to personal computer instruction, and Google looks at all of them and ranks them in order of relevance. You will see that my site ( is listed at #2 in that list.

Think about that – there are hundreds or thousands of businesses offering computer training all around the country, and some of them are very large businesses. Some of them may well be asking how does search engine optimization work even now! But Google has determined that my site is more technically accurate than theirs, so I rank higher in Google than they do.

I talk to business owners every day who are frustrated at not getting found on Google. If you own a business, the very life of your company could depend on that one factor. Don’t trust your livelihood to a place that doesn’t know the answer to this problem! My company currently has close to 400 clients all appearing on page one of Google, for tons of different key phrases. If you understand the importance of this, and want to achieve that for your business, contact me.

I love being able to help small business owners who are wondering how does search engine optimization work. Learning the answer to that question is vital to your success. I can help you with that, and you will have more business than you ever thought possible.

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