Save some time when you use MS Word

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I used to waste a lot of time every time I opened a blank Word document.

Whenever I create a new Word file, I have a couple of preferences. I prefer to use Arial as the font (instead of Times New Roman, which is the default). I also like to use different margins. The new document usually defaults to an inch at the top and bottom, and 1.25 inches on each side. I usually change that to .7 on all sides, so that I can fit as much as possible on the page and still be able to print it all.

So I would open Word, and before starting to work, I would make those changes to suit my preferences. What a waste of time! I don’t do that any more.

A few years ago, I decided to make a default “new document”. I opened Word, made my changes as I mentioned above, then I just saved that blank file. I called it “narrow margins.doc” so I would know what it is.

Then I did two more things:

1. I right-clicked on the file name, chose Properties, and checked the box that says “Read only”.

2. I right-clicked on the file again, and chose Send to – Desktop to create an icon on my desktop that is easy to access.

Now, whenever I want to create a new Word document, I just double click that shortcut icon and my preferences are already built in. Then when I save it, Word makes me give the new document its own name – that way, my original “narrow margins.doc” file never gets changed accidentally – it is always there waiting for me, just like I like it.

This week’s video is one that you will probably want to watch a couple of times. Can you spot the changes?

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