An MS Word tip that could save your life

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Okay, this tip won’t literally save your life, but someday you might be very glad you did this. This works with Word 2007, which I use. I am not sure if it works with previous versions (if you use an earlier version and determine that it does work, please put that information in the comments).

I knew someone once that would create an entire Word document and never save it until it was complete. He did this with multi-page documents that he would spend quite some time creating. Then, when he went to save it, he wouldn’t just hit File – Save. He would actually click the red X in the top right corner to close the window! Of course, then the prompt would come up “Do you want to save this file before closing?”, he would click Yes, and the file would be saved.

I tried to tell him that he was really living dangerously with that habit. What if there was a blip in the electricity and his computer suddenly restarted? Or, what if someday when he hit the X, the window just closed without asking if he wanted to save? But old habits are hard to break. He changed his procedure when he lost a document and had to recreate it.

If he would have known about this week’s tip, he wouldn’t have lost that file (and he might still be in his old ways).

MS Word 2007 actually gives you an option to automatically create a backup copy in the background, so in case you have forgotten to save your new file and you accidentally close it, you can still go back in and recover it. Here’s how you do it.

1. Click the Office button (the circular button in the top left corner of the Word window)
2. Click “Word options”
3. Click the Advanced tab
4. Scroll down to the “Save” section
5. Check the boxes that say “Always create backup copy” and “Allow background saves”
6. Click OK

All done! Even with this safety net, you should still be careful when creating a document. My motto is “Save early, save often”.

This week’s video is the best marriage proposal ever:

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July 13th, 2009

The MS Word 2002 has the auto save option. Go to Tools then Options and Save Tab and Check -Always create backup copy and Check -Allow background saves as suggested by Scott in his blog. Paul C

July 13th, 2009

Most excellent video – I love uplifting things! Thanks.