Any honest computer repair places?

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I do computer repair in Clearwater, Safety Harbor, Oldsmar and Palm Harbor (or you can bring your computer to me from anywhere and I will diagnose it and fix it). I have written before about the Geek Squad. I have had so many people tell me stories about when they went there for computer repair, and three things happen consistently:

1. The computer is in the shop for several days or weeks

2. The data on the computer gets deleted

3. The prognosis for computer repair is grim – and expensive

Like any business, there are scammers in the computer repair business. It’s kind of like when you take your car to a mechanic when it starts making a funny noise. You really have to trust that person to tell you the truth (fortunately I have an honest mechanic).

For most people, the computer represents a big part of your life. You have important documents and pictures on there, and you use it probably daily to do your work, communicate, and many other functions. When it stops working correctly (or stops working completely), you are in a vulnerable position because you need it back and you need it to work.

That’s why my first step before doing any computer repair is to make sure that all important data is backed up separately. I strongly encourage everyone to have a regular backup system in place anyway.

My other important policy is to not keep your computer forever. I know you need it back as quickly as possible. While I have your computer, I am in regular contact with you to let you know the progress. Many of my computer repair jobs are completed within 24 hours. I can’t promise that, but that’s often the case.

This week’s video shows what the Geek Squad is all about. The only thing wrong with this computer was a loose cable – otherwise it was working perfectly. Yet when the customer gets the computer back home, it doesn’t work. I love it when scammers get exposed publicly.

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Phil Pruchinsky
September 25th, 2009

As a PC repair person myself, I appreciate the frustration that customers feel. I strive to assure customers that not all computer repairmen/women are unscrupulous and it is just like any other service industry..there are good and bad. Do your homework, ask friends and relatives, they are perhaps your best resource to finding reliable and trustworthy service repair people.
Scott..great site!!