Make an adjustment to Office 2007

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Many people have now upgraded to Microsoft Office 2007. It takes a little getting used to, because Microsoft moved things around a bit. But you will get used to it, don’t worry.

There is one thing that is different about the 2007 version that you really need to change. If you create a Word document and save it, by default it will give it a .docx extension. So for example, instead of your file name being resume.doc, it will be resume.docx instead.

If you are the only one viewing this file, it’s no problem. However – if you email that Word file to someone that is using an earlier version of Office, they won’t be able to open it. Earlier versions can only open .doc files. So, you have to “Save As” and choose to save it as a Word 97-2003 file. That way, anyone you send it to will be able to open it.

But it becomes a real pain having to do that with every file you save. Instead, you can tell Word to save your files by default that way. Here’s how:

1. Open Word
2. Click the Office logo in the upper left corner, and click on “Word options”
3. Click the Save tab
4. Under “Save files in this format” choose “Word 97-2003 document (*.doc)
5. Click OK

If you don’t do this, you will get email back from people saying, “I can’t open that file!” Now you know how to avoid that problem. If you use Excel, go through the same procedure as outlined above to fix it as well.

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