Note to AVG antivirus users

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I have received a few emails from people asking about an email they received from AVG. The email says that their AVG antivirus subscription has expired (or is about to expire), and it offers them a chance to purchase another year of updates.

I received this notification myself, even though my AVG was not expired, or even close to expiring.

It seems that a lot of these emails are being sent out in error. To make sure yours is not about to expire, open the AVG User Interface and look in the lower left corner:

This coming Monday, I will be outlining my current recommendations for antivirus, antispyware and other programs that you should be running on your computer. These recommendations change from time to time, but as long as you are subscribed to my newsletter and/or this blog, you will be kept informed.

Update: one day after this post, I received the following email:

Hello Scott,

I’m involved in social media for AVG through their primary PR firm (Rocket Science), and I just saw this post that you wrote about AVG:

I want you to know that AVG is paying attention to what you’re saying and they’re very focused on improving the experience for their users.
I’ve notified them about this issue that you brought up so that they can look into it.

I appreciate your feedback, and please don’t hesitate to contact me directly if you have comments, questions, or concerns that you’d like to pass along at any time. We’d love to hear more about what you’d like to see AVG improve on.


Brandon Watts
Rocket Science ®

So at least AVG is aware of the issue and should be taking care of it.

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