Adam’s computer story

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My 11-year old nephew was assigned to write a monologue for Drama class. This is what he wrote. Good job, Adam!

The Computer’s Woes

Computer: The computer is a wealth of knowledge if you care to know. But sometimes you use me for other purposes which my hard drive hates very much. You can use me for information, yet you use me for games. Why must you not heed my knowledge? There’s other things on here other than pinball, pal! I mean, if you just searched arcade games, you’d save time, gas, and money instead of going to the arcade. You want to see what something’s like? USE ME!

“But do you want to know what hurts me the most, user? When p, p, p… when people mistake me for a monitor! We’re two different things, you see. I’m the big “useless” block on the bottom shelf that has the information. The monitor is the one who displays my knowledge. But who gets the credit for my work? The monitor, of course! It hurts, man! It hurts right there. In my hard drive.

“So what I’m trying to say, user, is could you spend more time with me? Don’t mistake me for the monitor. Don’t waste gas and buy stuff you haven’t researched on me. Don’t call me the big, useless block on the bottom shelf. I want to be more. I want to work to my full potential. Use me! Use me to the best of your ability! Use me to learn! Use me to help you, ‘cause that helps me. Thank you, user. Thank you for understanding my feelings.”

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