Sticky keys

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Have you ever used Sticky Keys? No, I’m not talking about when you spill soda on the keyboard.

Do this: tap your Shift key 5 times in a row. That’s how you get the option to come up to turn on Sticky Keys. It’s a feature of Windows that not many people know about.

So what can you do with Sticky Keys turned on?

Basically, this feature eliminates the need to hold down a key while pressing another key. For example, let’s say you want to Copy and Paste some text. The keyboard procedure for copying is to tap the C key while you are holding down the Ctrl key. If Sticky Keys is turned on, you only have to tap the Ctrl key, and then tap the C key. In other words, Ctrl stays on until another key is pressed.

Sticky Keys applies to Shift, Ctrl, Alt and the Windows Logo key. Turn it on and play with it for a bit. You can see if you like it. If not, turn it off by hitting Shift 5 times again.

This week’s video is a few clips, all Thanksgiving-related:

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