VistaSwitcher – the upgrade to Alt – Tab

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I think one of the very first computer tips I published was the Alt-Tab shortcut.

If you have several windows open on your computer and you are going back and forth between them, you don’t have to click the button at the bottom of your screen every time. Just hold down the Alt key, and then hit the Tab key. Or hold Alt and hit Tab 2 or 3 times. You can cycle back and forth between open windows very quickly.

A new free application has now enhanced the Alt-Tab function. It’s called VistaSwitcher, and you can download it free here.

In the “standard” Alt-Tab, when you are switching between windows you see a little icon representing each one. There might be one for Firefox, one for Word, one for your email program, etc. As you continue tapping the Tab key, you can see it cycling through all of them.

When VistaSwitcher is running, the process is much more visual. You don’t just see an icon. You see a preview of each window, and a more detailed description of that window (click to see full size):

Also, you don’t have to keep hitting the Tab key to select the window you want; once that list is displayed, you can just hover over your selection with the cursor to make your choice.

There are other features as well, which I will let you discover on the web page of the downloadable program.

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