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For those of you that have been delaying getting antispyware protection – which you need – here is a good opportunity.

The program that I recommend is Malwarebytes. When someone comes to me with computer problems, this is one of the first tools I will use. Get it here.

Malwarebytes full version is not free – it’s $24.95 (one time charge – not an annual subscription). I just found out that from now until December 31, you can use a coupon code and get 15% off. The coupon code to use is: SE3-91Z-YNH. This will expire the evening of December 31.

Here are the step-by-steps:

1. When you click this link to enter your information, you will see a check box that says “Check to enter coupon code”. When you check that, a field will appear where you can enter the code SE3-91Z-YNH. Click Apply, and you will see the price revised to reflect the discount. Then click the Checkout button.

(Note: if you have multiple computers, you will also get additional discounts (another 10% to 33%, depending on how many computers you have). Any computer that is connected to the internet should have this installed. Just change the “Quantity” number before you go to Checkout)

2. On the next screen, you will enter your contact information and payment preferences.

3. After you have submitted the order, you will see a screen that gives you 2 important items: an ID number, and a Key number. You will have an ID and Key for each computer. You can print this page to have a permanent record, or you can write them down. You will also receive this information by email.

4. That same screen will have a link to download the program itself. You can download from there, or you can click here to download it. If you are using Firefox, you can save it and run the installation from wherever you save it. If you are running Internet Explorer, just run it when it asks you to do so.

5. Follow the instructions to install the program – nothing unusual here. At the end, you will have 2 check boxes: one to update Malwarebytes, and one to run Malwarebytes. Check both and click OK or Finish.

6. Malwareybytes will update itself, then you will see the main window. Click on the second tab, which is titled “Protection”:

7. Click on the button that says “Register”, and you will see a place to enter your ID number and Key number. Then click the “Register” button. You will get a confirmation that you are now protected.

8. You can now set the time when you want the program to check for updates, and when you want it to do its regular scan.

9. Check the boxes that say “Start scheduled tasks minimized” (so it doesn’t interrupt whatever you are doing) and “Start with Windows” (so it runs all the time in the background, protecting you).

10. Click “Start Protection”, and you’re done.

Do this with each computer and Malwarebytes will keep a lot of bad stuff from coming in. I get computers brought to me each week that have spyware – it is actually a much bigger problem than viruses now. This is good insurance against those problems.

Update: this is now expired, but you should still get Malwarebytes.

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Adam J
December 7th, 2009

I saw that coaster on a TV show once. Fairly famous. Looks dangerous, though.

Scott Johnson
December 7th, 2009

I agree, it does look at little dangerous.