How to call a big company

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One thing is for sure about large corporations in the US: they really don’t want you to call them. That’s why you can’t usually find their phone numbers on their websites. They would much rather communicate by email or through website forms.

Just try going to and look around the site to find the phone number. They hide it well, because if everyone knew their phone number, they would have to spend hundreds of millions of dollars every year just to have people answering the phone.

Now, you can have the phone number of just about every major corporation. Just go to this site, and at the top of the page start typing in the name of the company. You will then see the phone number for the company, instructions for quickly navigating through the phone menu, average wait time and the customer service rating from previous users.

To really save time in the future, scroll down the list and find the ones that you might ever have a reason to call – then enter them in your cell phone.

And if you need to call Google, it’s 650-623-4000 and press 0 for an operator.

This week’s video is a pretty cool optical illusion:

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