Everything is new again

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My website had gotten old, outdated and clumsy.  I kept putting off overhauling it because I knew it would be a chore, but I also knew it would be worth it.  This week, I made the plunge.

I am now using a WordPress theme as a template for my site overall, so it’s much easier for me to update, and it’s also easier for website visitors to navigate.  Now, when someone comes to my site, the first thing they see is my most recent blog entry.  Of course, that means that those of you that bookmarked by blog will have to change that, since the previous blog page no longer exists.

Now I have the big task of going back through all of my old blog posts and putting each into one or more categories.  That will happen over the next several weeks.

New for you: if you want to look up an old blog post, just type a key word in the search bar at the top right side of the page, and you can get to that post pretty quickly.

Sorry if I bored you with this information – future posts will certainly be something a little more practical!

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