Making a video into a playable DVD

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Last week we went over how to download YouTube videos to your computer. It’s really pretty simple.

What if you want to take those videos and burn them to a DVD, so that you can play them on any DVD player? That’s easy, with DVD Flick.

First step is to go to and download the free software:

It’s a simple installation and it is completely free. Once it is installed, run the program. You will see an option to “Add title”. When you click this, you need to navigate to wherever your video is stored on your computer and select that video to add. You can keep adding videos to this project, and there is a bar on the left side of the program window that will keep track of how much space you have used until the DVD will be full.

Once you have added the videos you want on the DVD, you can actually just click “Create DVD” to let the burn process begin.

However – if you want to get fancy, click on “Menu settings” and choose a nice background image for your DVD menu screen.

One word of warning – the process takes a while. A 10-minute video will take about 30 minutes to burn to a DVD. If you are burning a lot of video to disc, get it started just before going to bed and let it work overnight.

I would also recommend doing a short video first as a test, to make sure the process goes as expected. If you have any questions about how to use DVD Flick, they have a user forum here.

This week’s video is the brief story of a kid with a problem. He’s stuck behind the couch.

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