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In the past, I have written about the value of being able to send a screenshot. A screenshot is just a picture of your screen, and many times it tells me what is going on or what problem you might be having. It’s much better than just telling me, “My email won’t work” – that could mean a million different things.

Now there’s a free service that is even better (and I know my friend Lynn, owner of a bed and breakfast in Maine, is going to want to try it out!). With this service, you don’t just send a picture of your screen – you send an actual video of it. The service is called Show Me What’s Wrong.

Here’s how it works:

You go to this website: (you can bookmark it if you want)

At that site, you will see a place to enter your full name, and a button that says “Start Recording”. When you push that button, you will see some big numbers on your screen counting down 3 – 2 – 1 and then you are recording whatever happens on your screen. If what you are trying to show me has to do with going to a website, open a new browser window to do that.

You get 5 minutes of recording time, so you can click on things, make error messages pop up, open programs, whatever you feel demonstrates whatever problem your computer is having. You can even include audio – just connect a microphone to your computer, and you can talk while you are recording the screen. This way you can explain the problem verbally while showing it visually.

When you are finished, just click the big red STOP sign in the lower right corner. When you do that, the recording stops, and the video is processed and sent to me by email. It couldn’t be any easier!

Keep in mind a couple of things:

1. When I get this video, all I receive is your name and the video itself. Don’t assume I know your email address, even if we have communicated by email in the past. In the “Name” field, you can type your first and last name, and your email address. At least I can then reply to you.

2. I wish I could invite everyone to just send me your screen videos and I will diagnose and fix your problem, but there are not enough hours in the day to do that as a free service. I am available for hire though! You can buy an hour of my time and then use it in chunks whenever you need help – it doesn’t necessarily have to be for a PC Tuneup.

This week’s video:
How would you react if you thought a spider was crawling on you? Maybe like these people did:

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