Top 4 reasons to NOT email a video clip

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One part of internet usage that is booming in popularity is the use of online videos.  It doesn’t matter if the video is funny, information, educational or just plain weird – people love to show video clips to their friends.

This means that a lot of video clips get sent by email.  All it takes is one person to start, and before long it snowballs and the video clip is being forwarded to email groups all over the internet.

Don’t do it! Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t email a video as an attachment:

1. It means you have a huge email in your outbox.
I have written about this before – if you use Outlook (or any email software, really), an email can get “stuck” in your outbox.  If this is a particularly large email, it can cause a problem.  There is a fix for the problem, but why put yourself in that predicament in the first place?

2. It ties up your friend’s email while it downloads to their inbox.
I know, everyone is on high speed these days so it’s okay.  But wait a minute.  First, everyone is not on a high speed connection.  Believe it or not, some people still use dialup.  And some use DSL, which can be only a little better than dialup sometimes.  Second, what if everyone sent emails by video?  No matter how fast your connection is, if you have multiple videos to download, you will be waiting for a while.

3. It takes up space on your computer and your friend’s computer.
Yes, hard drives these days are huge so there is a lot of space available.  That may be true.  Do you know how much space you have available on your hard drive right now?  Most people don’t.  I have seen a lot of inboxes, and some people get a lot of email forwards.  If you get multiple videos by email each day, that hard drive is going to fill up more quickly than it should.

4. You shouldn’t open a video attachment in an email anyway.
This may be the most important reason.  If you are thinking about sending a video out to your group of friends, how did you get that email to start with?  You had to open an attachment to see it yourself first.  Bad idea.  That’s an easy way to download a virus or spyware.

So how do you share videos with your friends safely and efficiently?  Use YouTube (

It doesn’t matter what video you want to send – it’s on YouTube.  Even if it’s the funniest or strangest thing you have ever seen, it’s on YouTube already and it’s been seen by a lot of people before you saw it.  The only exception is if you or your friend actually shot the video.

So let’s say you have a video that you want to share.  It’s about a guy that comes out singing, but he is not singing any actual lyrics, just “la la la” or “trololololo”.  You know your email friends would just be dying to see it (who wouldn’t?).  Here’s  what you do.

Go to YouTube and type in a search to find the video.  I’ll say it again, the video is somewhere on YouTube.  It might take you a search or two, but it’s there.

YouTube search

When you click search, you will see a bunch of videos come up that match that search:

YouTube results

So you click on one to watch the video, to make sure it is the right one (the one that I am using as an example is a video that is going viral right now).  Once you have determined that it’s the one you want, look over on the right side somewhere and you will see a couple of lines of code.  One of them will be labeled “URL” and the other one is “Embed”:

YouTube URL

Click once in the URL field and the whole line will be highlighted.  Then, do a right click on that line and choose “Copy”.

Now, go to your email program and create a new email to the person you want to show the video to.  Somewhere in the body of the email, do a right-click and choose “Paste”.  The address of the video shows up right there in your email!

  • No files to save on your computer
  • No big emails to send
  • All your recipient has to do is click on the URL to view the video

Now, on to this week’s video – when we lived up north, one of the things that made the long winters more bearable was riding our snowmobiles.  Here’s a guy that’s not having a good day with his:

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March 15th, 2010

Question please ?

How can I speed up the “process” of a Video B4 playing it ?

Not All Videos are Created Equal…..and Not All Videos “Begin” right away….not
even the most modern Videos.

I would enjoy watching Video’s Online, except for the Time it takes to
“Get Itself Together” B4 One is able to Play it.

Scott Johnson
March 15th, 2010

Mike – that’s mostly a function of your internet connection speed. I am on a fast cable connection, and sometimes I get the same thing with the video lagging or having to pause for a bit and then playing again.

The only real solution is to get to the video, and hit Pause. Then watch the progress bar going across the bottom. Wait for the video to fully load (or mostly load), then hit Play and watch it uninterrupted.