Using your laptop? GET ON THE FLOOR NOW

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Laptops are becoming more and more popular.  And it’s easy to see why – a new laptop computer has all the computing power of a good desktop machine, and it’s portable.  And the netbooks are both cheap AND extremely portable.

VAIO: Teclado completo
Creative Commons License photo credit: quique_fs

However…as I surf various websites (the sites I visit daily, as well as new ones), I have noticed something rather odd.  And now that you have read this, you will probably notice it too when you see it.

When someone is shown using a laptop, why do they have to be sitting on the floor?

Is there something in the Computer Modeling Rulebook that says a laptop can only be used on the floor?  Does this really seem comfortable to you?

Here’s a couple that are really emphasizing their insistence on using it on the floor.  There’s an perfectly good couch right there next to them that would accommodate both of them and the laptop easily, but instead she gets the chair and he gets the floor:

This photographer decided that having his model sit on the floor with her laptop was just not uncomfortable enough.  So she has to do her computing while looking beautiful and turned 180 degrees to smile into the camera.

Of course, any work-at-home scam would not be complete without the obligatory model doing her computing without the benefit of a desk or chair.  Is this what they mean when they say “ground floor opportunity”?

For some people, computing on the floor is a group activity:

This is great.  She knows she must sit on the floor, but she realizes that holding the laptop on her lap would get uncomfortable after a while.  So she gets this spider-leg type contraption that balances the computer in front of her at the right height.  Much like a table or desk would.

And there are more…

What about you?  Do you ever use your laptop computer on the floor?  Leave your comments below.

This week’s video is definitely related to our topic today (laptops).  This kid was supposed to wash the dishes 2 hours ago, and mom finally catches up.  Guess he won’t be using the laptop for a while.

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Moe Beaudin
March 22nd, 2010

I don’t have a laptop but my 2 son’s do and I have never seen them use their laptops on the floor. When here with us they sit on our couch to use it and at their house they sit in a living room chair or on the sofa. If I had one, the floor
is the last place I would be to use it. It is a lot easier to get up from a chair
or sofa then it is from the floor. Guess that’s why there were no senior citizens
using laptops on the floor in any of the pictures or on TV commercials. Now showing a senior with a laptop from his or her Scooter chair might be a selling
point for the seniors. Enjoyed the post since it made me aware of something
that I have seen many times but never gave much thought too.

Lynn Case
March 22nd, 2010

Why do they show people using their lap tops on the floor? Because they have too much “junk” on the table and/or desk!!!! I kid you not. Some people aren’t compulsive neat freaks.

John B
March 22nd, 2010

I only use my laptop on the floor when it’s absolutely necessary, like last week when there was a house full of guests and it was just so noisy I decided the only way to be able to hear the movie I was watching on my laptop (even my noise-isolating headphones weren’t enough) was to just go out on the porch. Otherwise, the floor in not at all comfortable, and my preferred place is the dining room table.

Jerry Atterberry
March 22nd, 2010

The only time my laptop is on the floor is when it’s in the case and I’m through using it for the day.

Need change
April 5th, 2011

I sometimes use my laptop at weird places like floor because I sit 8 hours a day at office front of a computer, so some change is good at least at home. We aren’t meant to sit all day in a chair. Yeah, I still go to work out weekly to keep myself at shape.