Featured website: Zipskinny

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Sometimes I run across a website that is an amazing reference tool when it’s needed.  That is how I would describe Zipskinny (thanks to my friend Paul for tipping me off to it).  If you have not used this site before, make sure you bookmark it because you will probably need it at some point.

zipskinnyWhen you first arrive at the site (www.zipskinny.com), you are prompted to enter the zip code for a particular US city or town.  Like everyone else, just enter your own zip code.

The first screen you see is the tab called “basic info”.  This includes details about the population, education and income levels, and other demographic information.

The “charts” tab takes that same information and puts it into a graphic format for easier comprehension.

There is another tab that gives good information on the local public schools – handy for people with kids who are considering moving to the area.

You may not have a need for this right now, but chances are someday you just might.

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