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Recently, I was with a client and it became necessary to call Dell Tech Support (to order a System Restore DVD that did not come with the computer initially). As always happens, we were on hold for a seemingly endless time before actually speaking with someone. This is a common frustration. No more!

lucyphone logo

Thanks to Lucyphone (www.lucyphone.com), you may never have to listen to hours of hold music again.

Here’s how it works:

1. Start typing the name of the company, and Lucy will offer a list of optional numbers.

lucyphone menu

2. Choose the phone number that you need.  Then, enter your phone number when prompted, and click the Start button.

lucyphone prompt

3. Lucy calls your phone first, then patches you through to the company number.

4. Go through the company’s phone menu. When you get put on hold to wait for the “next available agent”, press the asterisk/star key on your phone twice (**).  At that point, your phone will be disconnected and you can go on about your business.  However, Lucy is still on the phone with the company. You can always see the status of the call on your screen:

lucyphone status

5. When a live person comes on the line, Lucy immediately dials your phone and you are connected with the agent.  If you get put on hold again, just hit ** again and Lucy will hold for you and reconnect again.

Privacy note: if you sign up for a free account, Lucyphone will send you emails.  You can unsubscribe from these at any time.

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