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This week, I am featuring a website that I use just about every day.  When I am working at home, I like to listen to music (unless I am tuned into white noise).  I don’t keep a radio at my desk, so the natural source for my musical entertainment is the internet.


That’s where Pandora comes in (www.Pandora.com).

When you first visit Pandora, you can create a free account.  Once you are logged in to your new account, all you have to do is enter the name of a musical artist or the name of a song.  Pandora will recognize whatever you enter, and will build an entire channel of music around your personal tastes. You can even have more than one channel.

For me the free account is all I need (there is a brief commercial, probably about 10-15 seconds long, every half hour or so).  You’re also limited to 40 hours of music per month (I have never reached that limit).  If you upgrade to the paid account, you get unlimited music and no commercials.


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Adam J
May 23rd, 2010