Get back Google’s old layout

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Google is constantly changing and evolving. Most of the things that they do are not evident to most people, because all you see is the Google search screen when you need to find something.  However, one change that they are rolling out now is becoming a bit annoying to some users: their new search results screen.


(Note: you may not have seen this yet.  It is not showing up everywhere yet.  For example, I saw it for a few weeks at the office, then it went back to the old screen for a while.  It just recently showed up on my home computer.  You will see it eventually.)

Google has changed around their search results screen.  The old screen looked like this:

Google old layout

The new screen has a a different layout, with the “More” options showing up in a column on the left side.  In case you haven’t seen it, it looks like this (notice what site is #1 nationwide for the search “personal computer instruction” out of 31 million results 🙂 –

Google new layout

For me, I generally see these changes and try to get along with them.  After all, change is inevitable in the internet and tech world.  However, some people just don’t like Google to mess around with the user interface that they have become accustomed to.

For those people, there is a way to get back the old Google layout.  Just go to this website address:

Once you are there, before you do a search, put that in your Bookmarks or Favorites.  You can even set it to be your home page if you want.  When you do your Google searching from that address, all of the search results pages look just like they used to.

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