I recommend this book because I wrote it

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Windows XP was the last really good operating system that Microsoft created.  If you have a Windows XP computer, it’s a good idea to hang on to it and keep it running as long as possible.  However, XP computers are getting a bit old, so they need some tweaking.  This will help.

Don't Throw it out the Window - 50 ways to speed up your Windows XP computer before it drives you nuts

I actually wrote this a couple of years ago, but just recently updated it.  If you bought a copy back then, you only got a downloadable e-book.  Here’s your chance to get a printed version, since it is now available on Amazon.  Paperback, 136 pages, fully illustrated.

In this book, I offer 50 different procedures that virtually anyone can do to speed up their XP computer.  I include lots of screenshot pictures, and the steps are written in a “paint by numbers” style to make them really easy to follow.  When your computer runs faster, everyone’s happier!

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