Remove website addresses from your Firefox address bar

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There’s something I have noticed about a lot of computer users.  When they want to go to a particular website, they go up to the address bar and start typing, then they just look for the address in the drop-down list of previously visited websites.  One more click, and there’s the site.

firefox logo

But there is often one inconvenience that comes up.  A bunch of those other sites that you have visited show up in that list also, so you sometimes have to find that one address in a long list of others that you are not interested in:

There’s a quick and easy way to get rid of the “extra” addresses in that suggestion list.

When the drop-down list appears, let go of your mouse.  Use the down-arrow key on your keyboard to move down the list and highlight any address that you don’t want to see.  When the non-needed URL is highlighted, hit the Delete key on your keyboard.  Gone!

You can do this with all of the addresses in the list that you never want to see again.  Incidentially, this procedure works with Internet Explorer also.

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