A legitimate use for Twitter!

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Twitter has become a worldwide phenomenon in recent years.  Millions of people send out 140 character or less message every day.  In fact, the Library of Congress recently announced plans to index every “tweet” ever sent (finally a federal institution has found a worthwhile cause!).  But there are still the doubters.

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I know it’s hard to believe, but there are people in this world who have yet to find a reason to start twittering.  They are still completely tweetless.  And they don’t even care!  (are you reading this, Dad?)

Maybe after reading this post, there will be those that see that Twitter can serve a useful purpose.

Twitter is excellent at revealing what is happening in real time.

I’ll show you what I mean by a couple of examples:

Let’s say you’re watching a football game on Sunday afternoon.  The fourth quarter has just started, and your wife reminds you that you’re having dinner at her parents’ house tonight.  It’s time to leave.  Even if you can’t watch the end of the game, you need to know who won!  It would be rude to sit in the living room and watch TV while everyone else is eating.  Solution: in between the main course and dessert, excuse yourself to the bathroom, fire up the Twitter app on your phone, and do a search for your team’s name.  It’s a guarantee that someone has posted the final score.

Another use for Twitter is to find out what is happening in your home town.  Just go to Twitter.com (you don’t even need to set up an account) and type in the name of your city.  Believe it or not, there are lots of people in your city (even in small towns) who are tweeting about local events and news.  You will probably find out about something you wouldn’t otherwise have known about!

I just did a search on my city – Safety Harbor.  Here are a few of the results:




Okay, not exactly earth-shattering news, but still.  Want to know if the latest attempt to stop the oil leak is working? Do a Twitter search on “oil spill”.  Wondering what people are talking about all over the world? Look at “Trending Topics”.

Go ahead, do a search on your city name and see what you learn.  Want to learn more about Twitter?  This book covers everything Twitter, from A to Z.

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