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When we first got cell phones, we were careful to keep track of minutes used and the number of text messages sent and received.  A surprisingly big phone bill was not fun! Now we have unlimited minutes and unlimited text messages to we don’t really pay attention to it any more.

cloud sms

However, there are still some people who are tracking minutes and texts, so today’s site could be of use.

The site serves one simple purpose: to send free text messages.  You can try it out by visiting for-ever.us.

All you do is enter the phone number (for US numbers, the format it 1 + area code + number), type your message, and verify the CAPTCHA image, then click Send.  It is completely free.

Of course, if the recipient is not on a free text message plan, they will be charged for the incoming text message.

This could prove to be useful in a business situation.  You might want to send a text message to a customer, but you really don’t want your customer to have your personal cell phone number.  Sending through this service is essentially anonymous.

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June 16th, 2010

You can do this yourself if you wish. Just use any e-mail program and send an e-mail to the 10 digit phone number followed by one of the following depending on the recipients carrier.



Boost Mobile


Sprint Nextel

T-Mobile Verizon



US Cellular