Featured website: Oil spill map

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The big news for the past few months has been the terrible (and ongoing) oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.  People from around the country (and around the world) have been frustrated with the complete incompetence with which this disaster has been handled.  But that’s another story.

oil spill cleanup
Being a Florida resident, I find myself wondering how close the oil is to my area here on the Gulf coast.  World-famous Clearwater Beach, just a few minutes from where I live, would be devastated by oil washing ashore as it already has in northern Florida.  So far this area has not seen oil coming ashore.

Where can you go to find current information on the oil spill?  To the news organization that has probably the best graphics of any – USA Today.

Check out their oil spill map here:

There is a “Play” button at the top which activates an animation that shows where the oil has drifted on particular dates.  The graphic is being updated regularly, so you can bookmark it and check back as often as you wish.

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