Featured website: Spycar security test

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If you follow my software recommendations, you already have AVG (free) as your antivirus and Malwarebytes (paid version) as your anti-spyware program.  You have virtually no worries about getting a virus, or having spyware infect your computer.  But do you ever wonder, “How well am I really protected?”.  Now you can test it.

Spycar logo

Spycar (www.spycar.org) is a service that will actually try to penetrate your computer’s security programs.

You can read all about it on the company’s website, and then you can follow the directions to test your computer’s security effectiveness.  Each time you click a designated link, the site will try to do something that replicates an action that would be taken by a virus or other malicious software (such as trying to change your home page).

I am happy to report that my recommended security software blocked every one of the attempted security breaches offered on the Spycar site.  Are you protected?  Better to find out now than when you enounter a real virus.

Note: before you go to the site and try it out, I recommend setting a System Restore point, just in case the unexpected happens.  Your security testing is done at your own risk, so if you need me to fix anything it will be at my regular hourly rate.

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