AVG 9 – the free version is all you need for virus protection

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Update: Unfortunately, AVG has decided that their business model should be to trick users into installing unwanted software. I no longer recommend using AVG. You can read the full article I wrote about this, here.

A couple of years ago, my recommendation for antivirus was the paid version of AVG.  Since then, I have altered that slightly.  With the free version of AVG, you will be sufficiently protected from viruses.  However, I have been getting emails and inquiries from people about AVG’s requests to renew.

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If you have the paid version of AVG, you will either need to renew it (meaning you pay for another year or longer), or change to the free version.  On several client computers, I have found that switching to the free version is as simple as going to free.avg.com and downloading the free version and installing it.

Note: be careful when navigating through the site to get the free version.  Obviously, AVG wants to make it very easy for you to take a “trial” of the paid version rather than installing the free version.  Make sure you only get the free version.

Once the free version is installed, it will probably ask you to do a restart to finalize the installation – this is normal.  Also, a few days or a week after this installation, you will probably get a pop-up window that offers you a discount to upgrade to the paid version.  You can click to choose NOT to upgrade, and you shouldn’t see that pop up again.

Another important note: while AVG protects you from viruses, you also need protection from spyware.  The program that I continue to use and recommend is Malwarebytes.  Watch my Malwarebytes video review here.

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December 28th, 2010

I go to the download and the free version won’t let me download it. I’ve never had this problem before with avg. Guess they just don’t want me to get the free version.

Scott Johnson
December 28th, 2010

Don’t use AVG – no longer recommending it. Use this one: http://tinyurl.com/23dvqdy