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If you have ever purchased something through an eBay auction, you know that part of the game is making sure you are the highest bidder at the end.  One strategy that helps make that happen is to put in your bid as late as possible.  That way no one has time to outbid you.

eBay sniping service

But what if the auction ends at 3 am?  Or what if it ends at 3 pm, when you are at work and cannot watch your eBay auctions?  That’s where Snipe Swipe comes in (www.SnipeSwipe.com).

I’ve been using Snipe Swipe for years, and it is the primary reason that I have won many of the eBay items I have placed bids on.

Here’s how it works:  When you have found something you want on eBay (and it does not have a Buy it Now option), you decide what is the most you are willing to pay for it.  Head over to Snipe Swipe, and enter your eBay user name and password, and your highest bid.

Just before the auction is ready to close – for example, when there is about 10 seconds left – Snipe Swipe will place your bid for you automatically.  If your high bid is more than what anyone else previously has set as their high bid, you win.

The nice thing is that eBay uses what is called “proxy bidding”, so that the price you pay is only the dollar amount that is high enough to outbid the next closest bidder.  For example, if the most you are willing to pay for something is $50, and there is only one other bidder who bids $10.  eBay would take your bid of $11 and that would be your winning bid amount.

Another advantage of this “snipe” bidding is that the other bidders have no idea you are even interested until the last minute when your bid gets put in.  If you went the “normal” route and placed your bid a few days earlier (or even a few hours earlier), it puts the other bidders on alert that you want this item.  You want to catch them unaware.

You can try Snipe Swipe free for 14 days.  If you like it, you can continue with unlimited bidding for $4.99 per month.  For high volume eBay buyers, it’s a no brainer.  If you just occasionally buy items, you can purchase credits from Snipe Swipe and use them at your leisure.  Give it a try!  I would not bid on any eBay items without it.

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