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We’ve had 2 kids go through college now.  (They’re both teachers – David teaches high school students for whom English is not their first language, and Brianne is about to start her first year of teaching Second Grade).  A big expense during the college years is the cost of textbooks (and a ripoff too, if you ask me – but that’s another topic).


One way of minimizing that expense is to make sure you are buying the books at the least expensive vendor.  There are lots of vendors that sell college textbooks, and they are not all at the same price.

That’s where Book.ly comes in (www.book.ly).  When you go there, you can start by choosing your school (over 1500 colleges and universities are listed).  Then choose your department, your course, and your section.  The site will then show you links to lots of different affiliates who represent the vendors who sell the book you need for that class.

If for some reason your college is not yet listed, you can still search for the book you need by ISBN, title or author.

Also, if you have completed a course and have a book (or several books) to sell, you can sell them through Book.ly.

If you know of a college student who is starting school soon, or returning for another year of school, you know that he or she is dreading the cost of those books.  Let them know about Book.ly!

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