Featured website: Credit Karma

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Some of the biggest scam opportunities on the internet are targeted toward people that are looking to get their credit report or find out what their credit score is.  If you Google “free credit report” you will see a huge selection of scammers just waiting for you.  But there is at least one legitimate site.

Credit Karma
One that I can vouch for is Credit Karma (www.creditkarma.com).  It is free, and you actually do get to see your FICO score after creating your free account.

This site was recommended to me by a trusted source, and I also tried it personally so that I would know I could safely recommend it.

After you enter your information, you will not only see your credit score, but there are also lots of online tools on the site to show you how to improve your credit score and save money.

credit score

You can also get your full credit report once a year at www.AnnualCreditReport.com.  Just make sure you avoid the places that advertise on late-night TV.

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