Featured website: Zoho Challenge

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Today’s featured website will be of interest to teachers, tutors, schools, or really any person or organization that can use online testing for students, employees, candidates for jobs, etc.


At the Zoho Challenge, you can create a free account quickly, or you can just sign in with your Google, Facebook or Yahoo account information.

Then, the site walks you through the process of creating your online test/quiz/evaluation.

From the site:

Zoho Challenge is a powerful, feature-rich software that automates and streamlines online test creation, distribution and evaluation/scoring process. Zoho Challenge is ideal for Schools, Teachers, Coaching Centers and Organizations to quickly and efficiently administer tests for students, employees and candidates.

The online testing service is just one of many features of Zoho – check out their home page (www.zoho.com) to see what else they offer.

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