Google’s self-driving cars – no human needed!

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Google continues to push technology right to the edge.  They are putting lots of money into researching things that will actually change our lives, and this doesn’t have anything to do with how we find a website on the internet.  Google is now developing cars that actually drive themselves.  On public streets.

Google self-driving car

I guess “developing” may not be the right word.  These cars are on the road now!  No, you can’t buy one yet, but they have actually logged over 140,000 miles on city streets and freeways between Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Google isn’t going into the car business, but they have developed the software to make this possible.  The outside of the car is fitted with sensors that can identify potential problems and react accordingly (and they have a 360 degree view, much better than a human relying on eyesight and mirrors).

During these tests, there are humans in the car just in case.  But so far, there has only been one accident – the Google car was stopped at a red light, and another car ran into the back of it.

Click on the image below to see a larger version with the description of the equipment on these cars.  You can also read the full story here.

Google car equipment

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