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Had a customer come to me this past week with a problem.  His computer had suddenly become infected with spyware.  Every time he booted up, after a minute there would be popup windows appearing that told him his computer was filled with all kinds of threats, Trojans and hijackers (all false of course).

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These popups would continue to multiply, and after just a short time the computer would lock up and he couldn’t do anything except turn it off.  Incredibly frustrating, as you can imagine!

It could have been totally avoided if he had just installed the full version of Malwarebytes before the spyware sneaked into his machine.  You can get spyware from an email, or just by visiting an infected website.  In fact, most computers already have spyware and the owner doesn’t even know it (“why is my computer running so slowly recently?”  hmmm…).

It’s important to note that antivirus software is completely different from antispyware software.  You may have a perfectly fine antivirus program, but it won’t detect and eliminate all of the spyware that tip-toes into your machine unnoticed.  Malwarebytes knocks it right out.

I have been using and recommending Malwarebytes for quite a while now.  If you don’t have it yet, I encourage you to get it.  The full version is only $24.95 (one time, no renewal ever).  If you have wondered what the process is like to purchase and install it – I just made it easier for you.

I have done a full video review of Malwarebytes and posted it on my site.  You can actually watch me purchase the program and configure it.  So if you want to do the same thing, just follow what I do in the video.  Couldn’t make it any easier than that!

Click to watch the Malwarebytes review and instructions.

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