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If you use Gmail, you know that Google gives you a LOT of storage space for your email account.  Currently each account gets 7.5 gb of space.  However, if you have “friends” that like to send huge photo or video attachments, you might find yourself getting tight on space in your account.


If you want, you can go through your whole Gmail account manually and look for the email messages that take up a chunk of space, and delete them.  But that’s rather tedious, and it could take a lot of time – especially if you’ve been using Gmail for several years like I have.

There’s an online service available that will perform that chore for you.  It’s called Find BIG email – you can check it out here.

Using the service is pretty easy.  Right on the front screen of the site is a place for you to enter your email address and press the “Click Here” button.  You will be taken to the Google site, where they will ask you to verify that you are giving your permission for Find BIG email to access your account.  Click “Grant Access”.

The next screen you might see for a while – a few minutes, or maybe an hour or longer:

Big email status

Partway through they will show you a graphic representation of your email account, broken down by size of emails: greater than 2 mb, greater than 500 kb, and greater than 100 kb.  There’s even a refresh button so you can check the status of the scan.  When finished, you will see a full report:

Find Big email report

I was surprised to find that I had 319 emails that were each over 2 mb in size!

Next step is to log into your Gmail account at  You will see on the left side there are some new labels, according to size of email.  You can now view those mails, and delete them if they are no longer needed.

You will also get an email notification of the results.  If you find this service helpful, you will see several buttons giving you multiple opportunities to throw them a few dollars as a donation.

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December 13th, 2010

The link is incorrect it should be not

Also, I’m a little suspicious since to “gain access” it would seem they would need your password although you didn’t mention entering that. Once they have your password (or just “access”) they probably can easily retrieve your contacts list for their own purposes.

Not convinced this is worth it.

You can create filters to label your mail as it comes in (not by size however). There are certain regular mail I get that I want to keep for a few months then discard; newsletters, ads, groups, etc. Every few months I go to my account and list all the mail with a certain label then delete all those over a certain age. Since they’re listed by date picking the oldest is easy.

Scott Johnson
December 13th, 2010

Thanks JG, I have fixed the link. I would say you are probably the exception in terms of tracking and deleting old emails. With 7.5 gb of space in a Gmail account, a lot of people don’t worry about it until space starts to get tight. For me, I went from 51% usage to about 25%, which is substantial.