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If you create a product and include the word “awesome” in the name, you better make sure your creation lives up to it.  In the case of the Awesome Screenshot add-on for Firefox (or Chrome or Safari), I was not disappointed.

awesome screenshot button

If you ever have a need to show a picture of a web page, this thing is the best.  Here are some of the features:

  • You can show the entire visible area of the web page, or you can crop it down to a certain section
  • You can create an arrow to point out a particular area
  • You can create a circle or a square
  • You can blur out any information that might be sensitive or secret
  • You can add text for your own comments
  • Any of these elements can be created in a variety of colors

Once you have your screenshot created and looking the way you want, you can share it with anyone using email, Facebook, Twitter, or you can just save it to the cloud (you then have a direct URL to share).

Here’s a short video that demonstrates the possibilities:

If you use Firefox 4, Google Chrome, or Safari, you can get Awesome Screenshot here (sorry IE users, you are out of luck).


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April 18th, 2011

Great Tip, Scott. I just added ‘Awesome Screenshot’ to my extensions on Chrome. Having a Screenshot and these editing abilities all in one easy program sure is nice.

I’ve been among your Subscribers for several years and I need to pause to say “Thank You~!” for sharing some of the best tips and guidance around. Your newsletter has been a blessing many times over.

Thanks again,