Your smartphone is probably revealing your location

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If you have concerns about online privacy and security, I have information here that you need to pay attention to.  The subject of today’s post is: geotagging.  You might not be familiar with that term.  If you take a picture with your digital camera and upload it to a website such as Google’s Picasa, or Flickr, or Facebook, you are often given the option of adding some data such as the date and location where the picture was taken.

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For most digital cameras, this is not a big deal.  The camera just creates the digital file and no other information is included with it.  That’s because your standard digital camera does not have any location (GPS) capability.

But your smartphone does.

And how are most people taking pictures now?  With their phone.  When your phone creates an image file, it most likely includes the location information as part of the file.

So how does this work?  Check out this video:


To disable having this information on the pictures you take with your smartphone, here are complete instructions for the various types of phones:  instructions here

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Ken Leatherman
May 9th, 2011


This is perhaps one of the best “Safety Tips” I have seen from anyone in all the time I have been online. Thank you for posting it. I will be forwarding the link to my entire list.

Here’s hoping it will alert many parents and grandparents about the possible danger if they don’t disable the feature on their “Smart Phones”.


Scott Johnson
May 9th, 2011

Thanks Ken – I agree that we definitely need to spread the word!