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In some recent blog posts I have talked about how to listen to custom CDs or audio books in your car, either by burning a CD or through an FM transmitter, or plugging your player directly into the car audio system.  Recently I found a fantastic service that provides streaming content directly to your smartphone or your computer, and it is always updated.


The service is called Stitcher, because it “stitches” shows together that you prefer, so you never run out of stuff to listen to.  You can get it at (it’s free to create an account).

You can create your account, then browse through the shows (podcasts) that are available – there are literally thousands from which to choose.

Then, you can get the free Stitcher app for your Android, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or Palm device and all of your content can stream directly into it wherever you are.

Whenever I get in my car now, I just fire up my LG G2X smartphone and plug it in to my car’s audio system.  I have new content that is personalized to me, with no commercials.  It’s great!

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ONG Eng Ju
June 20th, 2011

Dear Scott,

It is not correct to say that the audio podcasts from Stitcher are without any commercials. In fact, the service seems to specifically geared towards advertisers and commercials. Using the “Listen from Desktop” feature on the website, I was given a 3min 25sec audio podcast of the June 20 Wall Street Journal Roundup (I think), and there were two commercials featured in that audio podcast (advertising the same Oxford shirt by the same company). The first commercial came right at the beginning and the second somewhere in the middle. Altogether, the total time taken up by the two commercials was just under a minute.

In addition, I found this paragraph from Stitcher’s website for advertisers, which specifically points out the fact that they will provide advertising tools to advertisers who sign up with them:-
Get precise usage metrics
Our proprietary technology allows you, for the first time in audio, to measure exactly when someone listens to your ad, how long they listen, and whether they skip the content or your ad.

With regards
ONG Eng Ju

Scott Johnson
June 20th, 2011

Okay, not all of the broadcasts are 100% commercial free. But some of them are. And even for the ones that do have commercials, it’s nothing like regular commercial radio (which is awful).